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BACK TO THE SPACEPORT is currently not accepting unsolicited submissions.


One day, BACK TO THE SPACEPORT will be looking for:

  • Anything on analogue science fiction games that is thoughtful and/ or imaginative.
  • Anything on analogue science fiction games that pursues a DIY gaming agenda.
  • Explorations of ideas from the STEM and social sciences with a gaming twist.
  • Discussions of the gaming scene.
  • Discussions of broader SF.

We will not not looking for:

  • Detailed discussion of a published or unpublished setting's canon. (No articles on the Fifth Frontier War, please.)
  • Edition warring.
  • Grinding of (vibro-)axes over the differences between role-playing and storygames.
  • Libertarian screeds.
  • Comedy articles that bang on about the absence of science in “soft science fiction.”*

If you want all that, ya need to take it somewhere else.

*(The editorial stance on the label “soft science fiction” is that it refers to the science fiction based on the social sciences rather than STEM.)